Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Good Times/Bad Times

During out first year of living in Idaho, my Mom needed to return to Kalispell before the school year was over.  She decided that it would be a good idea to leave us with the nuns while she was gone.  She knew that we would be perfectly safe in their care.

At that time, the nuns held what they called an "All Night Vigil".  It was where the nuns would take turns spending time in their chapel, praying all through the night.  During the night, Aggie and I were awakened  to go spend OUR time in the chapel.  I was so, so tired.  All of a sudden, from outside the window, I heard this horrendous sound.  It sent chills down my spine.  I was suddenly wide awake and TERRIFIED.  I had never heard that sound before.  I was 12 years old and scared out of my mind.  I asked the nun that was with us what it was.  She leaned over and whispered in my ear:  "It is the devil."  My level of fear just went through the roof.  I was literally numb with fear.  Several years later, I heard 2 cats fighting.  It was the same sound I had heard outside the chapel window that night.  I was really angry that someone in a position of authority at that time in my young life would put that fear in me.

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